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Protecting Email Reputation

It is important to have a good email reputation, in order that your messages are not being marked as spam, and miss the recipient’s inbox. If you are using an email service, they will often provide you with recommended settings. For example, Google provides settings for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. In addition to your usual email provider, it is also best to add records for other domains sending email on your behalf, such as mailchimp.

If your website is not actively being used for sending email. It is important to let the world know that any email they receive from your domain is being impersonated. In this case, you can set the appropriate records as recommended at CLOUDFLARE.

MacBook Does Not Recognize USB Drive

When upgrading from an older Mac, I needed to get some data off my old hard drives with the older USB connectors. Trying different USB-C to USB adapters, I noticed that there would be a pop up window that immediately disappeared, and then nothing happened.

It turns out nothing was wrong with the adapters, it was just the system dialog was disappearing too quickly. To fix this for yourself, you would need to go into the System Settings -> Privacy & Security and then scroll down to the Security section where you will see “Allow accessories to connect”.

Then click on the selections and choose either “Automatically When Unlocked” or “Always”.

I recommend “Automatically When Unlocked” so that you will have need to be logged into your desktop for the device to connect.